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"It was fantastic! The Angels were amazing!!! The guests and the wedding couple were delighted! Really! I will recommend you to everyone :)" Ania (Mother of the bride)

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"Smooth organization and cooperation based on trust and professionalism. The realization of the job itself was also trouble-free, punctual, and very nice :)", Karolina F., Rival Group

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Mimello is an artistic agency working with many extraordinary artists, who perform in the following artistic fields: fire dance, clownery, pantomime, classic theatre, gymnastics, stilt walking, ground and aerial acrobatics, stage magic, ballet, juggling, equilibristics, photography, and others.
Our small but important motto is:

To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent 

people and the affection of children - this is to have succeeded.

R. W. Emerson

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All Mimello Artists are experienced in working at events. They perform with class and humour and bring joy to both children and adults. Mime, Stilt Walker, Stage Magician, Fireshow, Clown, Acrobat – choose:


Funny and experienced Mimello Clown will give you a good laugh and amaze you with his tricks. His act includes juggling and elements of illusion, which will astonish the audience. Funny Pantomimic Puns, the Soap Bubble Show, Balloon Twisting, and, above all else, great contact with the audience.

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We offer both short dynamic shows with elements of acrobatics, ideally suited for culminating moments such as award presentations, and “Fire Dance” acts according to a pre-arranged plan with elements of dance and acting.

In Mimello, we are professionally oriented and that's why we can offer you fire dance shows in the form of both solo dancing shows (5-10 minutes) and spectacular fire theatre shows (up to 40 minutes). 

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The Giant Stilt Walkers

The Giant Stilt Walkers, from the height of nearly 3 metres, greet people they meet and invite them to play. They prepare contests and family games. Mimello Stilt Walkers won't go unnoticed and everyone will want to take a leaflet or sweets with the company's logo from them. Sometimes Circus-coloured, and at other times in Black & White Elegance, what's your preference?

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The Creative Mimes

Funny Pantomime at a conference or a banquet introduces the guests to the event's atmosphere and in a funny and wordless way presents the company. Imagine a mime who communicates entirely by gesture and facial expression and thus shows what the invited speakers talk about... Such an attraction will surely leave the participants of the event with positive memories and draw attention to your stand at a fair

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Wedding reception attractions - The Angels on Stilts

The Fabulous Angels on Stilts greet the wedding couple in front of the church, blowing thousands of tiny soap bubbles in the air. They entertain the guests with jokes and by giving out sweets, creating a fairy-tale atmosphere.

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Watch our shows!

Mimello Artists are experienced and present their skills with all their heart. See how much joy we bring to the participants of our events. See the Artists you want to hire in action.

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