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"Why MIMELLO? I'll try to be brief, if it's possible, for I had many wonderful moments with them. Great work atmosphere! Everything's professional! Good rates paid, and on time! They're cultural and value their work! Professional growth (apart from the skills I'd already mastered, I learned new ones)! Fantastic contact with the employer! Very good organization! Superb!" - Kamil P., Actor

"Great work atmosphere. Kamila and Michal are very conscientious managers and treat everyone as a friend. The best organization ever - if something's not clear before the event, it means you didn't read the e-mail with details. Money ALWAYS on time. They combine work with passion and engage in it wholeheartedly." - Krzysiek K., Circus Performer

"I highly value working with Mimello Artistic Agency because of their professionalism and nice work atmosphere. All details are agreed upon before the show, being in constant touch leaves no room for doubts, they're punctual - these are just some of Mimello's virtues. Working in such an environment is truly satisfactory." - Sylwia S., Fireshow

"Working with Mimello and their artists is pure fun!" - Zenia A., Aerial Acrobat

"Mimello Artists, Artists Mimello
Written about by Pirandello
A solid company, pays money on time
They know it all and they're sublime
Treat all their artists as a good friend
What can I say but recommend?" - Piotr B., Ventriloquist

"Working with Mimello is a great pleasure. Not only you do something you love, but also bring joy to others! And then there's pay, always on time. The perfect employer!" - Pawel P., Unicyclist

"Mimello - full professionalism! A great work atmosphere. Clear and detailed information about jobs. And, last but not least, very good financial terms. Working with them has been a pleasure." - Malgorzata Sz., Makeup

"Super nice cooperation, clear terms, a great work atmosphere, very fast pay. I recommend them and look forward to working, or rather meeting, with them soon!" - Dorota M., Dancer

"I've always associated Mimello Artistic Agency with a fantastic contact, high quality of services, and above all, huge professionalism. I highly value the fantastic atmosphere, their friendliness, punctuality, and teamwork skills." - Grzegorz L., Fire Dancer

“Working with Mimello has always meant to me full professionalism and pleasure. Never has there been any trouble. I can only wish for more interesting jobs with the wonderful Mimello artists.” - Aneta D., Stilt Walker / Circus Animator

"A very solid, friendly, and down-to-earth company. They're punctual and true to their word. Working with you has been a pleasure." - Justyna K., Designer

"Working with Mimello has been solid and straightforward. Despite the rigorous character of the work, the overall atmosphere is nice and friendly :) It's always a pleasure to work with them ;)" - Marek B., Freestyle Football / Juggling

“I've had the pleasure of working with Mimello as a contractor-animator on a couple of occasions. Both the organization of work and the atmosphere are impeccable: being in constant touch, clear terms of cooperation, salary paid on time, and a professional approach to the Client and the Artists. Perfect.” - Agnieszka B., Circus Actress/Circus Pedagogue

“I have worked with many artistic agencies all over Poland. Mimello managed to bring together the best things in the animation-mime-circus business: a very talented team, beautiful costumes, honest approach to the artists and clients, fantastic organization, and, most importantly, true love of the job. That's why Mimello's events are always successful and even the smallest performance of just one Mimello mime becomes a true, exciting show.” - Maria S., Stilt Walker/Mime

"Nice atmosphere, top notch organization, and proficiency are all important to me. You can find it all at Mimello! They're fantastic, professional people who always pay the greatest attention to details. I've NEVER been disappointed with MIMELLO!" - Grzegorz Z., Stilt Walker

“I've only done one job for Mimello. The money was on time and according to the contract, which was the best thing, as it's usually a problem with other agencies. It was nice of you to call me later with job offers, but unfortunately I never had time.” - Tomasz P., Mime

“Mimello Artistic Agency is solid, responsible, and always punctual. The atmosphere in the team is nice and friendly, which fosters creativity. The interpersonal skills of the Mimello managers make one feel comfortable as they eliminate the unnecessary stress and artificial distance. Working with Mimello gives huge satisfaction, lets you perfect your skills, and motivates you to discovering new things.” - Arek P., Dwarf

“I can't really compare with other agencies, but working with Mimello has been the best experience; I've worked with them since 19 June 2011 :) The 'work' atmosphere and the team are great. I'm always motivated by the artists' smiling faces, during and after work, no matter how long it takes.” - Kaska M., Stilt Walker

“I'd always been wondering whether it was possible to work in a fairy tale and be able to keep the real world's highest standards of professionalism. Mimello answered this question. It is indeed possible!” - Patryk W., Ringmaster

“Working with Mimello has been my most interesting professional experience. Big professionalism (fastidiousness, punctuality, and accuracy) plus tons of fun and laughter. It's an agency you can rely on, committed and with individual approach to each client and artist.” - Artur L., Mime/Stilt Walker

“The work atmosphere at Mimello is absolutely special. Their biggest virtues are a great organization, tasteful costumes, and the understanding of the needs of both the clients and artists.” - Pawel K., Juggler / Stilt Walker / Fine Artist

“A great work atmosphere, full professionalism, and at the same time - freedom ;-). One of Mimello's virtues is their flexibility - when I'm not available, they manage without me, and when I'm back, my hands are full of work ;-) Mimello means punctuality, mutual trust (!), interesting people, and travelling opportunities ;-) Highly recommended!" - Jedrek F., Mime

“Working with Mimello has always been a pleasure. They deserve respect for their attention to details – each action I participated in was always perfectly prepared a long time before the actual show. Professional approach to the artist and organizers lets us concentrate fully on the art itself. I would wish every artist such employers.” - Marcin S., Juggler

“Always a friendly atmosphere and professional approach to work.” - Eliasz M., Circus Actor

"I just like this job. I like working with Michal, Kamil, Krzys, and all the others. I like striped shirts, rhomboid dresses, and Klementyna, the protagonist I've created during all these years of working with you. When there's an event with you in my schedule, I immediately feel better - it's as if I was going on vacation, although it's a responsible job and one often has to pay attention to the details. I like your detailed emails (precise information is important to me) and the money to be paid on time. I'd like our cooperation to last as long as possible :*" - Ewa K., Mime/Stilt Walker

"Mimello is not only the most professional artistic agency I've worked with, but they're also incredible people and a big family full of extraordinary characters and talents. I recommend Mimello to all artists because of a great work atmosphere Kamila and Michal create. You couldn't meet so many positively crazy freaks, people passionate about their fields of work, dreamers, and good friends anywhere else. Working with Mimello is a pleasure and, above everything else, always an adventure." - Alicja S., Stilt Walker / Mime

"You're very professional, punctual, thorough, and meticulous. Plus, you want to grow in the business you seem to love. Congratulations!" - Igor L., Illusionist

"I have only positive experiences with Mimello. I received detailed information about the client and didn't have to ask for further info. It's very important in my line of work. I got the money on time, which also says much about their organization and professionalism. I know that Mimello hires only professional and experienced artists, with whom the work is demanding but also, what's very important, pleasurable. My joy can then become the joy of the others." - Piotr M., Actor

“A colourful team, talented and friendly people. Such a job is always so much better when you work with a nice team in a great atmosphere.” - Pawel P., Stilt Walker

“You're totally professional – no complaints :)” - Ewelina N., Mime

“All my life, I'd been afraid of clowns. Mimello helped me understand they're the best people in the world” - Bartek R., Action Film Director

“I want to thank you for having me! What can I say – absolute professionalism!!! You're great!!! Worthy of recommendation!!! A huge smile!” - Cezary S., Ballooner

"Learning and perfecting your skills means years of hard work. Working with Mimello lets you present your skills to a diverse audience that will admire and appreciate them. Interacting with the audience gives you the feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment, is a great fun and you can also earn some money :)" - Daria B-F, Artistic Gymnast / Dancer

“I recommend Mimello. The atmosphere among the artists behind the scenes is fantastic. The organization of events is thorough and professional, and everything's clear when it comes to the money :)” - Delfina P., Acrobat

"Working with Mimello and all their artists is nice and easy going. A great work atmosphere is the best thing :). No downsides - they're professionals who know their job, fantastic contact and money always on time. I recommend them and look forward to the next party :)" - Barlomiej B., Acrobat

"After the experience of working with Mimello, I'm glad to recommend their high quality and professionalism. Working with them was flawless from beginning to end. The terms and show preparation were always top notch. Financial matters were settled according to the contract. I recommend Mimello as a noteworthy company in the art-event business." - Agata P., Hula-Hoop

“Firstly, the Artist feels appreciated. Secondly, everything is very clear and concrete. Thirdly, the atmosphere is wonderful. THEY'RE GREAT, I COULDN'T RECOMMEND THEM MORE!” - Magda M., Artistic Gymnast, Dancer, Stilt Walker

"I worked with Mimello for quite a long time and must say that in 99,9% they were the best parties ever :) The atmosphere was tight at times but only because everybody did their best to make the show as good as possible, which only motivated us to perform better. The money was always on time, or even earlier. But at the end of the day it's all about fun, money is just a nice bonus :P" - Tomek W., Clown / Stilt Walker

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